3 Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Your third molars usually come in when you are in your late teens or early twenties. Their emergence at this more mature age has led to their more common name, “wisdom teeth.” Many people have no issues with their teeth. However, it is common for a wisdom tooth to cause complications in the mouth, leading to its removal. Here are three signs that you need your wisdom teeth removed.

1. Pain Toward the Back of Your Jaw

One of the first signs that you need your wisdom teeth removed is an ache in the back of your mouth. This pain often indicates that one or more of these molars are starting to come in and that there could be potential problems. Some discomfort is normal if you are getting new teeth. However, if you experience more pronounced pain, make sure to inform your dentist. Pain may be a sign that your wisdom teeth have started to come through. But pain could also be a sign that bacteria have entered the opening in your gums and caused irritation or infection.

2. Crowding of Molars Near Your Wisdom Teeth

One of the common complications with wisdom teeth is that they do not have enough room in your mouth to come in properly. If you believe this to be your situation, you may notice that your other molars have started to shift to try to make room. A risk of overcrowding molars is that your teeth may move out of proper alignment, making it harder to effectively chew your food or affect your bite. Another challenge is that it will become harder to properly clean your teeth if you can’t effectively floss or brush the surfaces in their new positions.

3. Wisdom Teeth Have Never or Only Partially Emerged

You may have an impacted wisdom tooth if only a part of it is visible above the gum line or if it is never visible at all. Your impacted tooth may have no room to come in or may have grown at an angle within your jaw. Impacted teeth can cause several complications in your mouth, including damage to surrounding teeth, a cyst, decay, or gum disease. They are difficult to keep clean and affect the surrounding teeth and tissues.

If you suspect you have an impacted tooth, make sure to inform your dentist so you can make plans for its removal.

Learn More About Wisdom Tooth Removal

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