man with nice smileWhether you need to arrange treatment for facial trauma or have a loved one suffering from this kind of injury, you can be well aware of its many effects. Beyond the physical problems created by your injury, you can be distraught over how your appearance is altered by trauma. Fortunately, the experienced care of an oral surgeon can take on the effects of this problem and help you regain confidence in your looks and well-being. Our Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon’s office has taken on a broad range of issues with factures, lacerations, lost teeth, and more!

Facial Trauma Can Have Significant Physical And Emotional Effects

Because they are so prominent and can be so disruptive, facial injuries can have a serious emotional toll. Lost teeth, scarring concerns, changes in your speech, and more can result because of a dental injury. What you should know is that the right surgical care can respond to advanced problems like these. Our practice is seasoned at treating these different types of injuries. Dr. Peak also holds credentials to care for patients at local hospitals and emergency rooms.

Meeting With An Experienced Oral Surgeon To Discuss Treatment For Facial Injuries

An experienced oral surgeon can work with patients concerned about injuries that will require different forms of care. Facial trauma can demand different forms of work, including treatments for:

  • Soft tissue injuries, including cuts or lacerations within the mouth
  • Broken jaws and fractures of facial bones
  • Tooth loss
  • Teeth that are chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken

By discussing the role of an oral surgeon can play in restoring your appearance and well-being, you can find that the right care can offer more benefits than you thought possible!

Using Sedation To Make Involved Services Easier For Patients

Any involved procedures that concern the face, jaw, and teeth can make patients uneasy. Even if you are not anxious about the treatment experience, it can be difficult to feel comfortable as work occurs even with the aid of anesthesia. In addition to the anesthesia training Dr. Peak has undergone, we are able to help with this issue by offering sedation, including sedation options like nitrous oxide. In doing so, we can help with relaxation and comfort throughout your treatment.

Talk To Your Fort Worth, TX Oral Surgeon About Treatment For Facial Trauma

Facial injuries can leave patients despondent over the physical harm they have experienced as well as the impact of that harm on how they look. Our practice is experienced with treating different kinds of facial trauma. Because of this, we can provide effective results when more involved work is needed on soft tissues and bone. For more information, call our Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon at 817-522-1833!