Many teens and adults are faced with the challenge of a mouth that is too small to accommodate wisdom teeth. Technically known as third molars, the wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop in the mouth and these teeth are especially prone to a long list of complications.

Impactions Lead to Extractions

An extraction is the common recommendation when a wisdom tooth fails to erupt in a healthy position. Wisdom teeth are more likely than any other teeth to grow in sideways or partially emerge through the gums and many remain completely trapped under the gums or bone.

An infection is common when bacteria are allowed to invade the space around an impacted or partially erupted wisdom tooth. Symptoms of an infection surrounding an impacted wisdom tooth include pain, stiffness, swelling, and a feeling of general illness. Tumors or cysts have also been known to be associated with impacted wisdom teeth, destroying the health of the jawbone and the neighboring teeth. These problems can generally be resolved when the wisdom teeth are removed, and most complications can be completely avoided when troublesome wisdom teeth are removed early.

Surgical Extractions

During oral surgery, your safety and comfort are our primary concerns, and we offer a variety of anesthetic and sedative solutions to make your visit as peaceful as possible. Our team is trained to administer local anesthesia, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and/or general anesthesia. Prior to your scheduled surgery, we will review these options with you, as well as the possible risks as they relate to your surgery.

On the day of your surgery, with the appropriate anesthetics and sedatives in effect, the wisdom teeth will be removed and the gum tissue will be sutured. You will be asked to bite gently on a gauze pad to control bleeding, and you will be permitted to rest in our comfortable recovery suite until you are driven home by a responsible adult. When you are discharged, you will be provided with complete postoperative instructions, prescriptions for pain medications and/or antibiotics, and an appointment for a one-week follow-up visit.

Your Wisdom Teeth Consultation

The removal of impacted wisdom teeth is a common but serious surgical procedure. Call to schedule your detailed consultation today and learn more about the ways that our team can provide you with a safe and comfortable surgical experience.